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BIG NEWS: Justin Bieber Might NOT Host RAW?

31st May 2010

BIG NEWS: Justin Bieber Might NOT Host RAW?

The other day I looked on the WWE Corporate website and read the following concerning Justin Bieber hosting RAW:

Teenage Music Star Justin Bieber has been confirmed to host The Memorial Day Edition of Monday Night RAW on May 31 Tune in and watch the Teen Star take the main stage live on RAW

Apparently I checked back today and that was removed from the website I saw the list of upcoming Guest Hosts and even though he is still on the list the Host for the May 31 Edition of RAW is now Betty White THANK GOD ITS NOT BIEBER ANYMORE. THOUGHTS?
I looked into it just now and apparently Justin Bieber backed out from hosting RAW because he thought that it would ruin his reputation.
lol yesterday we were all pissed and today were rejoicing that he backed out

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30th May 2010

what should i do tonight…?

I have two best friends both who want to hang out today
Well friend 1 wants to go up to the mountains for memorial day weekend and we would eat be lazy go four wheeling hike and go to breckenridge.
friend 2 is having a party tonight and i really wanna go but im not sure which friend i should go with..
6 minutes ago

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29th May 2010

teens: what are you doing for memorial day?

the unofficial official start of the summer

i wish i was down the shore :
but im having a bbq w. the fam and my pools officially open
i hate family things

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28th May 2010

Who Are The Top Female Film Teen Idols since 1940?

Can you pick ten that you think fit the bill? Liz Taylor Judy Garland? Who are your picks?
Liz Taylor
Judy Garland
Grace Kelly
Marilyn Monroe
Raquel Welch
Donna Reed
Shirley Temple
Barbra Streisand

OK people we have nine possibles so far…… Are we agreeing? Disagreeing?
ck1 I love your answer. Those ladies I didnt even think of.
Definitely Natalie Wood she just died to soon she was such a good actress…..
Biner Scooter Fantasy Rocks:


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27th May 2010

What do you think of Lee DeWyze winning American Idol instead of Crystal Bowersox? Is it a shocker?

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27th May 2010

Why do the tween voters get so excited when their favorite wins on American Idol?

They spend countless time voting the one they think is cutest. Then what is supposed to happen? They are gonna end up going to his concert meet him backstage get to hang out with him for a few hours then tell him you voted so many times for him and he will think Wow without your votes I never would have won. You made my life complete. Even though Im 10 years older and its a bit hasty lets go get married and spend the rest of our lives together

Or is it just they want to feel like they voted for the person who won?

What is the big attraction about voting on shows like that anyway? Why get so excited or let down? Its not like the outcome is going to affect life.

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25th May 2010

What are good birthday party ideas?

My teenage friend needs an idea for her birthday. Any ideas? Thanks.
My teenage friend doesnt know what to do for her upcoming birthday party. Any ideas? Thanks.

EDIT: Wow two answers already. You guys are awesome thanks. My friend wants me to add that she is looking for creative and original ideas and is indecisive about whether to invite a few boys are have only girls.
My teenage friend doesnt know what to do for her upcoming birthday party. Any ideas? Thanks.

EDIT: Wow I already have a lot of answers. You guys are awesome thanks. My friend wants me to add that she is looking for creative and original ideas and is indecisive about whether to invite a few boys or to have only girls.

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24th May 2010

Im 14 and really want to write a book any advice?

Im only 14 but my dream is to be one of New York Times youngest bestsellers.
I will try my hardest to pursue my dream
how ever… I dont know where to get started

All I really know is that I want the main character to be a teen girl that loves to have fun gets in trouble at school alot and loves to party but also loves math and science and reading and other things that nowadays teens would call nerdy.
To teach teens that labels arent cool. No one is just one label.
Any ideas?
Thanks. : L
And maybe the girl would get bullied because she doesnt really fit in one group or clique.

And at the end she commits suicide and her suicide note could be the very last chapter in the book and have a dramatic and sad ending.
She ends up becoming rich or famous or something like that and everyone who bullied her ends up feeling like shit.

credit for the suicide idea to: BitterSweetSymphony


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22nd May 2010

i want to have fun but idk how w/ a protective parent…ADVICE NEEDED?

there hasnt Been anything i have said or done to not have my moms trust…its almost like she is paranoid of having a teenager. anytime i ask her to spend the night at my friends house or anything regular teens think is fun the answer is always no when it always used to be yes. im a good kid w/ good grades. i dont do drugs and im not really into boys and i do most of the things she asks me to do w/ a good attitude i guess you could call me a goodiegoodie 😛 and i really want to have an open relationship w/ my mother but it almost feels like i cant when she doesnt trust w/ being on my own…what can i do to let her know she doesnt have to be over protective parent.

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21st May 2010

teens with depression……?

I am 17 and i have been dealing with severe anxiety and depression for about the last 3 years and i was looking for a chat room for teens dealing with depression anxiety etc. but i could never find one but the other day i answered a question on here and there was a link to this website that has a chat room and stuff for teens dealing with depression anxiety etc. but its new so there arent many people signed up yet but hopefully there will be soon.

a real question Whats the first official day of summer?? i really dont know and i was wondering
im not the one that made this site

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