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Any good Teen Romance Books?

30th September 2011

Any good Teen Romance Books?

Im looking for some more books i should read. Any recommendations?
Ive already read:

Twilight Saga
House of Night Series
Vimpre Diaries Books hated them
Vampire Academy Seriesawesome books: 2nd favorite all time
Blue Bloods Series
Wicked Lovely
Ink Exchange
Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
Evermore worst book ever
The Summoning
Kissed by an Angel
The Gemma Doyle Trilogy really awesome books: 3rd favorite
Pride and Prejudice Favorite Book All Time: cant go wrong with the classics

Im thinking about reading The Luxe Series and Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen next

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26th September 2011

How do i get rid of this ugly face.?

I need help I have the most ugly face and its all because of this really bad acne i have. I feel like no one loves me for who i am anymore and at skool looks are everything and thats something i dont have : I have had acne for years now i got it at a really young age the age of 10 and i am almost 16 now and i still havent found the right treatment for me. i have used so many different products about 6 to 7 ones and none of them have worked. im getting to frustrated i hate to look in the mirror now and i hate it when people are staring at me coz i know they are not staring at me personally they are looking at how ugly i am..this effects me mentally so much and im tired of feeling depressed im sick of even hearing the word depressed now. my family and cousins always tell me that i have the most gorgeous smile eyes and shape of face and they all say im to pretty to have pimples. and one of my friends says that she would kill for my body shape and she always is like take of your swim shirt but i can coz i have really bad acne on my back and chest : AHHHHH IM SICK OF IT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I NEED HELP IN KNOWING THE SECRET OF NO PIMPLES please help me im in hell here….

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17th September 2011

College football??????

Is it possible to start paying football my freshman year of college even though i didnt play at all through highschool. Would i get any PT?

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15th September 2011

POLL: Why do people care about celebrities personal lives?

So what if Chris Brown beat up Rihanna why did the news make this such a big deal for so long? Everyday men beat rape and kill their girlfriends. Why is this a bigger deal? I could care less if their a celebrity.

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13th September 2011

LOTTO: is it okay for rich folks to play?

Poll: Do you think its okay for rich folks/celebrities to play Mega Millions and other lottos?

Maybe the govt could regulate it and say if you make over 250000 youre not eligible.

What do you think?

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6th September 2011

If you are wrongly put on depression and bipolar medication what are the effects?

I know a girl and shes been put on depression medication and bipolar medication. Ive known her for a long time and I can assure you she has neither. Id say the only thing wrong with her is teen angst. She went to the doctor and said shed been sad so they put her on loads of medication that she doesnt need they didnt even do a test her doctor just said Oh drugs will surely fix this.

Since the meds have nothing to fix can they hurt her in the long run?
But this is what Im saying She didnt NEED any medication. There really isnt anything wrong with her. She didnt fill out any sort of form she just told the doctor she had some blues so he put her on pills.

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