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kids r the future is it rlly tht scary?

28th September 2010

kids r the future is it rlly tht scary?

ok today in class my teacher was talkn about how kids or us teens r the future.nd she said its prty scary…..i sorta agree with her..whats ur opinion on this?

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27th September 2010

are you an winter olympics genius?if so will you answer my question?

hi i need help with my homework i havnt been watching the winter olymics and need to kow the rules of figure skating if anyone has won anything yet and so on please help me do you know anything about this?

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24th September 2010

teen schizophrenia? do i have it?

hi im 15 and i think i might be schizophrenic. Ill say my symptoms and i would like a response of what you guys think. Ok usually something triggers the symptoms. like me getting angry sad or scared. Then i get these hot and cold flashes and i have uncontrolable urges to break things scratch out my eyes and do otherwise self destructive things. Then usually i will hear voices and on occaison i see strange things in the walls. Whenever my parents are talking to eachother and i hear them i always think they are talking about me and planning to send me away somewhere. I often times get severe depression or anger over pety issues. Sometimes i really want to injure people around me and torture them though i have gone to every length to keep myself from hurting myself and others. Sometimes i do things i dont want to do but i do them anyways as if im blinded from who i really am and what i would really do in that situation. For instance one day i decided to take a piss in the football lockers and i would never normally do something like that. i know its stupid but then it sounded hilarious. then later after i did it i realized… FOOTBALL PLAYERS so basically i got in trouble and almost killed my my schools football team. I know schizophrenia is often times hereditary. and can be brought on by drug use and other things. there has been some substancial drug use in my part but i am currently trying to quit it. My mom has Multiple Sclerosis and depression if maybe that has been passed on to me and caused these happenings. so yeah… serious helpful responses would be greatly appreciated and some advice on what to do or how to get help would be nice. This is messing up my life and im scared so i really need help fast.
oh and by the way often times i find myself typing or writhing the wrong thing. my brain thinks a but my hands write z. I want to say car but instead i say fish i cant help it. Is this just my lack of focus oooorrr…?

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19th September 2010

Need an inexpensive yet sweet and fun date idea?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost three years and I want to surprise him with a fun date this weekend. However Im out of ideas as we have always done the movie dinner thing or the picnic etc. I want something different and am looking for ideas We are both in our upper teens so we do not have a lot of money. Any suggestions help

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16th September 2010

What are some FUN things to do at a teenager bday party?

Please help i want some really fun things to do at a teenager bday sleepover party??
Not boaring stuff like truth and dare.. Maybe some beauty things aswell. Please dont just point out the obvious. its this thursday so please help me

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13th September 2010

Needs Something to Watch A movie/film a series help please ?

Ok lost is finished :O lol

till next season

Im confused is there a new hills ? and what season is it

ok above is my question

now i need a good war/sniper/comedy/teen comedy film
any you lot could recommend and pls give an answer of more than 3 :

and are there any good seasons out there

like a comedy one for example my name is earl ?

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6th September 2010

new to Portland can you gve us suggestions for fun things to do for teens?

any events over the labor day weekend?

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4th September 2010

Life career Help me?

Aye guys
Im a 14 years old teen.and I dont know what I want to be.and make a career in.
I like photograpghymedicalcsi.etc
but I want to the mall they had modelin find the next teen model of my town. And I love americas next top model and would love to be one. But I dont think Im model material. :
Im. 56 1/2. Long brown eyes. Bright smilestriaght…had braces for 5 years.long eye

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1st September 2010

Best Treatment For Blackheads/Acne?

What are the best treatments out there for acnemostly blackhead scars?
What are your results for this treatment?

Teen suffering from acne

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