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29th November 2010


okay its kinda up beat.
very good song. more teen/kid

okay this is all i know:

got cash…watch her rock her hips so smooth own it ass like psh wow chorous

thats really it. and it is more of a song ud find on myspace
and theres kinda like clapping when he is singing that part. and the mean as

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27th November 2010

would stores restock their supplys after black friday?

i want to get xbox 360 but they sold out on black friday. i was wondering if they have supplys stored for the day after black friday for regular price. im probably going to walmart or BJs wholesale clubs

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24th November 2010

Are you guys gonna go shopping on Black Friday this year?

If so what do you plan on buying and why? LOL

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23rd November 2010

Blaackkk Frrrrrriiiday?

I wanted to buy a laptop on black friday this year do you guys know how much they would be on Black Friday at like the main electronic stores best buy walmart target ect.?

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22nd November 2010

What time should I be at Target on Black Friday to get the Westinghouse 40 TV for 298?

This is supposedly the best deal of Black Friday 2010. I really want this TV and I was thinking about camping out and be there at 6 pm the night before. I have never done Black Friday and I am doing this for the experience as well as the deal. Is 6 pm the night before too early just right or should I get there earlier?

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21st November 2010

Black Friday: Can I buy more than one good from one store?

I want to buy 4 or 3 things from Bestbuy on Black Friday but my friends say I can only buy 1 product. Is it true?

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21st November 2010

When do the black friday sales ads come out? Is it Wednesday before or on Thanksgiving day?

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19th November 2010

How come almost no one knows the REAL reason Black Friday is called Black Friday?

Why does everything think Black Friday has something to do with the Civil Movement cause the word Black is in it? Yes I do know the real reason its called Black Friday Im not asking why its called it or what it means but why no one knows what it is or why it is called it.

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18th November 2010

Are most black friday electronics sales the same online?

I am looking to buy a new Xbox 360 but I do not want to deal with the hustle and bustle of the crowds on Black Friday. Would I be able to get relatively the same deal online?

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18th November 2010

Any recipes for Thanksgiving ?

I need recipes for Thanksgiving none with alcohol we have a lot of kids coming.
By the way just estimated their will be at least 50 or more people and yes i do have a big home and yes it is a lot of work.

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