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ADVICE PLEASE: How do I get this guy to notice/like me?

28th June 2011

ADVICE PLEASE: How do I get this guy to notice/like me?

This guy John and I went to elementary school together 3rd5th grade and then we just kind of lost touch we are 16 now however we are friends on facebook. I like him he is super nice sweet funny etc.
I saw him at the mall last Wednesday but he was with friends and I didnt want to interrupt and so I messaged him on facebook and was like I saw a guy who looked like you at the mall today. etc etc. and we made small talk until he left for Europe the next day.
My best friend Madison goes to school with him They go to private school and she is also on the trip to Europe with him it is a school trip. And when I told her she was all excited and she said she was going to get information like if he is interested in anyone etc etc they are kind of friends.
How do I get his attention or start up conversations with him on Facebook because we dont really see each other without it being to awkward or coming across as creepy?? Any and all ideas/advice is welcome Please help me guys and girls : Thank yall so very much
His birthday is Monday July 4th also the day they get back from the Europe trip but late if that helps anything :

Should I fb chat message him when he gets back from Europe like about his trip to get a conversation going?? Or would that be annoying? I dont want to write on his fb wall about Europe because I will already be writing happy birthday
And also what would be a cute message to write on his wall for his birthday??


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27th June 2011

Red, White, and Boom 2011 Columbus Ohio Fireworks (HD)

What an amazing show! Had to capture it on video for all to see!


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25th June 2011

Will this help with acne scarring?

Well i used to get bad acne on my forehead and allllll over my chin. I still do but not as bad. however it has resulted in scarring. I just bought Palmers cocoa butter skin therapy oil its supposed to help with scarring. I also have some SPF 15 lotion. If i wash my face 3 times a day once in the morning and apply the spf lotion on then in the afternoon with spf lotion and some
acne spot treatment then at night with the cocoa butter should i see a improvement with the scars??

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25th June 2011

Disneyland 4th of July Firework 2011 in HD – Fourth of July Concert in the Sky

This is a special Fourth of July fireworks 2011 at Disneyland recorded July 1st 9:50 showing. Disney’s Celebrate America a Fourth of July Concert in the Sky 2011 Disneyland 4th of July Firework 2011


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21st June 2011


I have been doing The dog sport since I was a little eight year old girl. Im almost 14. It has been my life center and now I have to quit due to my parents.

All I would do all day was dog training. I did it all on my own and I made a family away from home in the progress. Some days when I was down in the dumps and the world felt like it was about to die I always had dog training at the end of the day with smiling faces and humorous jokes. I was always very popular in dog training and I did amazingly well. All know everyone there and all the kids that do show I consider my friends. Even though the friends arent my addiction it is just the competing and training.

My mom never even comes to see me train.

Dont get me wrong I love my parents but they hate my sport. My dad REALLY hates my sport because he thinks it is a waste of time Dont say he is right a handler can easily make six figures if they are good enough Study exercise Treadmill dumbbells etc sleep is all my dad tells me to do which is hell on earth. I never see anyone in his routine. All my dad does is work study and worry.

So besides dogs I have had no life for the past five years. I had stuff to do I guess but it just wasnt as big as the dogs.

Any tips on how to quit? This addiction is holding me back and my father wants me to go to boarding school. I know he is right but Im just so hoping that something will change my dog career will take off again. My mom never will go through with it though even though she says she will I promise you she wont

So please I need to most likely go through with a good education at the boarding school But I feel so awful because of quiting. Im still going to dog training but it is holding me back tremendously I plan to put in my application for boarding schools but I feel I will have a hard time letting go.

P.S Im homeschooled btw.

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19th June 2011


Hi All
Iam planning to open a beauty channel and I will be featuring fashionmakeup and beauty related stuff and tips.
my name is Deepika.
Thanks for helping :
Sorry i forgot to mention.But I want you to suggest a name for my channel :

Thank you :

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13th June 2011

Ok so i look like a model…?

im very petite blonde hair blue eyes 53. all of my friend ssay that i should be a model. ive done one fashion show amatur of course and a photo shoot for a school projecdt. i am 14 and im not in desprete need for a job but might go into modeling one day. any tips or modeling things for teens in the central new york area?
thanks in advanced

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10th June 2011

I need a good book to read?

Okay I just got done reading After by Amy Efaw and I loved it sooo goood. :
Right now Im in kind of the mest up teen phase. I like other subjects too but really thats just the mood I have been in awhile. Like books about depression suicide selfinjury. and I would preferably like books that I can read on Kindle. OH and I like books that have I mean a little love interest in it but I dont want it to be whats the whole books about ya know? I kinda like the antilove stuff you know about dealing with breaking up and stuff. So suggestions would be great thanks. 😀
books that I have read that are already in this subject:
the lovely bones
go ask alice
a child called it
the lost boy
a man named dave
living dead girl
thirteen reasons why.

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9th June 2011




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5th June 2011

How do I stop worrying about my skin? Please HELP?

Im 15 years old. Im not going to lie I know I am attractive and I know God didnt make me ugly or anything in a nonconceited way. But my one big insecurity is my skin. When I was 7 years old I started getting acne on my face. I struggled with it my whole life. Last November I went on Accutane and my acne has completely cleared up. But I am left with these purplish red marks on my face from cystic acne bumps. There is a patch on my cheek one mark on my chin and a big shiny one on the tip of my nose. I try my best to cover it up with makeup but due to the extremity of the color of the spots you can still see the marks a little bit especially the one on my nose which I am the most insecure about. I asked my dermatologist what I could do to make them go away and he said these marks are like ashes after a fire. The only medicine that will help them go away is time lol cheesy right?. anyways because of these marks Im always spending my money on foundation primers concealers bb creams etc. It is like an OCD thing and I cant stop. I just want my skin to be near to perfect for once but I know that wont happen. How do I stop worrying?

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