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how should I wash my face?

27th August 2011

how should I wash my face?

I use clearasil that is oil free and has salicylic acid. I use it daily. After i wash my face i usually put on advanced recovery skin care lotion that is hypoallergenic and fragrance free.
I was thinking if I should just wash my face and not put on the lotion because i think it is making my face a little bit oily im not sure. Also im taking a one a day multivitamin for teens to help with my acne.
Is there a better method of taking care of my face?

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25th August 2011

Spotlight – Selena Gomez & The Scene (Deutsche Übersetzung)

~ Re-uplodad Album: A Year Without Rain (2010) -FAIR USE- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use & for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! Follow me on twitter!


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24th August 2011

Why is there no category for musicians here?

I am a guitar player and if I post a question about tablature or recording software or anything musical my only choice for category is musicotherother
It seems the category for music is only a place for teens to gab about celebrities and their favorite bands etc.
Where is the best place/category to post a question about creating music and/or musicians tools/equipment/instruments?

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20th August 2011

teen driving questionn?

i live in california and i have my drivers permit so i can drive with a parent 25 or over
but can others be in the car as well
for ex. me my mom and my cousin.
or am i restricted to it just being me and the guardian???

thanxx soooooo much

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16th August 2011

Really cool and random beauty tips?

I know there are some pretty crazy beauty tips out there like apple cider vinegar for your hair? I was just wondering about some other ones that you guys have tried that either do or dont work

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12th August 2011

Looking for some tv shows to watch in 2010 :?

i need some shows to watch
im 16 and im running out of shows
i like watching
Secret Life of American Teenager
Americas Next top Model
Teen Mom
16 and Pregnant
Jersey Shore
Disney Channel
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Bank of Hollywood
Little Couple
True Jackson VP
The Office

i hate Vampires so no vampire shows
what are you hooked on?

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10th August 2011

New job ideas for teen with past experience. ?

Im 17 and six months about to graduate high school. Ive worked at a movie theater for a year and a half working cash register cleaning theaters and even got a promotion to working projection 5 days a week. The job still doesnt pay enough however When I leave I will have a few shining recommendations but I need something that pays more. For my career I am pursuing audio and sound engineering and would like to work in studios helping musicians produce music. For the next step in my path what kind of employment should I seek? Id like to work with computers as it is easier and more liked than coustmer service jobs. In Arizona a person can be 19 and be a bartender school for that can be started at 17 so I hear. Any ideas or reccomendations?

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5th August 2011

Teens : I need survey ideas ?

Yes yes I am planning on making another survey XD
I ran out of ideas though
I need out of the box ideas. 33
Not like a school or music survey.
Something that is super interesting :3
If you have any fun survey ideas or questions just post them below.
Ill give you credit 😀

Yeah but if I do that those people that I pick will get mad at me

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2nd August 2011

I need Sims 3 Family names?

I want to make a family like this:

Mother A family woman at heart. She is a music idol loves her family and was more than welcome to her sister to live with them while she was having money issues.

Father Athlete. He sometimes forgets whats important in life and likes to brag about his wife being famous and all.

Daughter Teen Works as a Spa Receptionist part time. She oftens helps her parents with the other kids while they are wrapped up in there busy careers. Is VERY popular and loves her boyfriend Who i also need a first and last name for

Daughter Kid Quiet yet follows in her older sisters footsteps as being popular. She can be found in her room playing with her dollhouse.

Son Toddler Need a name and a personality.

Aunt Young Adult Had bad money issues after a wrecked marriage. Still thinks she can find her true love out there. Is jealous of her sisters sucess Nice house pefect family good paying job

BUT I dont know what I should name them? I need first AND last names

Can anyone help me?

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1st August 2011

Selena Gomez Teen Choice Awards TCA 2011 Twilight Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift Mean Robert Pattinson

Selena Gomez Teen Choice Awards TCA 2011 Twilight Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift Mean Robert Pattinson Selena Gomez TCA 2011 Teen Choice Awards Beyonce Party Music Video Who Says “Never Say Never” Justin Bieber Baby Live “Selena Gomez” “Teen Choice Awards” “Next To You” Love You Like A Song…


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