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Quick Loose Curls Tutorial

29th October 2011

Quick Loose Curls Tutorial

Hey everyone, Its been nearly 2 weeks since my last video! Ahh so sorry. Been caught up with craploads of work indeedy. Lost 1.5kg from work & stress.. -_- not good. I’ve been wearing my hair lately. I forgot how much softer a person can look with this hairstyle. I’m very low maintenance with hair so even if its hair curling- I make sure I do it all in less than 10 minutes. The technique used in this video is similar to what I have shown you guys before but with little tweaks here and there. The only difference is that we are not working in horizontal sections. We are working in vertical sections and turning outwards mainly. The individual curls don’t look perfect but the end result looks great because hair looks volumized but length is kept. Great for most hair lengths. I’ve never been a fan of neat curls- the spontaneous and slightly messy look has always been more of my preference. “I Miss You’ T-Shirt Giveaway: The shirt I’m wearing in this video is designed by Yours Truly for my 2nd line of Bubbi Clothing. I will be giving away 3 of my shirts as a giveaway prize so make sure you join the ‘Bubzbeauty Official’ Facebook Fanpage so you know when the giveaway starts/ends. There will be many more shirts to give away in the future on the fanpage. Bubzbeauty Official Fanpge: Takecare everybody & have a great week. Much love, Bubz xx Follow me on Twitter: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Bubbi Clothing Line


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28th October 2011

Is this a good amount of makeup for a teen?

Im 13 and this is what i use:

Light coat of liquid foundation neutrogena skin clearing
Occasionally concealer
Sometimes powder
Light gold shimmery eyeshadow
thin line of brown eyeliner on top lid and on lower waterline
curl eyelashes and mascara.

Also is there any way to make foundation less cakeyish? I have flat acne scars and sometimes no matter what foundation i use it cakes up my skin a little bit.

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27th October 2011

What kind of face wash should I use?

I never had much of a breakout problem in my teens. Now Im about to be 20 and am suddenly having a real problem with breakouts of course Im sure it has a lot to do with the increase in the amount of makeup that I wear. I wash my face morning and night but have not had much luck. I have tried facial wash and toner by Mario Badescu. This has not worked on me at all. A big problem I have when I use the heavy duty stuff like some facial cleansing cloths and on the spot acne treatment my dermatologist gave me is that my face gets so dried out but you can still ever so slightly see the acne lurking under the surface but whenever I use any moisturizing lotions including the one my dermatologist prescribed me with my face breaks out again. My nose and forehead are the main problem although here lately I have also been getting some on my back shoulder blades and chest. My nose is the only oily spot on my face.

I have looked into Proactive and Skin ID but have not purchased either. It seems like there are so many different facial washes out there that I dont know which to pick. Proactiv appealed to me because of the new body wash which I hoped would clear my chest and back. But I have heard mixed reviews on both products. I dont know whether to go for one of them or try a more generic brand.

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26th October 2011

Q&A with Bubz

It’s here weeeeeee. Sorry it took weeks but it’s here… I answer your random/interesting questions in this video. I had alot of fun doing this guys ^_^ Thank you for your questions and hopefully I can do another one in the future. What food can you absolutely not eat? When you were little, were you like Baby Bubz? What is Bubz’ family like? How would you describe yourself in 3 words? Do you have Bieber Fever? Pirates or Ninjas? You, Chonny and Shimmy are drowning. There’s only 2 life jackets, who do you give it to? Are you going to take me & Dan to Ocean Park? What languages do you speak? Do you swear, if so how often and when was last time? What would you Super Hero name be? What is your best experience so far on Youtube? Do you genuinely love to hip thrust? What is the craziest thing you’ve done? What’s it like driving manual/stick shaft? My Comedy Youtube Channel: Follow me on Twitter: Bubzbeauty Official Website: Bubbi Clothing Line Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http Much love, Bubz xx


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26th October 2011

I am into piercings alot and i want some extremly bad all i have done are my ears so far?

So here are some questions i was wondering about it ok me and my friend are going to go get piercings 2together the same kind and everything so we were wondering how much does it cost for nose piercings eyebrow piercings and tongue piercings? Do those piercings hurt allot do they swell allot too? and we r both in our teens not even sixteen yet so we were also wondering could we get it done with a parental signature or not? and last r these piercings hard to take care of? well we were wondering cause we really wanna get this done badly so if u could help us out with any information about any of these three piercings we would surely appreciate it a whole bunch and even if its info we didnt ask about it would still be nice so thanks for any info or helpful tips

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24th October 2011

Teen Superstar Week7 TS07 TNT – First Kiss :Vie Trio

Teen Superstar Week7 TS07 TNT – First Kiss :Vie Trio

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24th October 2011

TEENS: if you could started a flash mob what kind would it be?

Describe what the flash mob would be like:

Mine would be like a few hundred people all together singing lady gaga music and dancing:D At the closest college Cal Poly
A flashmob is when a large group of people suddenly come together and perform some sort of action which draws an audience very quickly. After they perform the stunt the group of people quickly disperse.

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23rd October 2011

SHAKIRA antes de las seis NEW VIDEO novernber 2011

SHAKIRA -antes de las seis NEW VIDEO novernber 2011 shakira live italy she wolf


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16th October 2011

Cool teen party music?

im in middle school and im having a huge party. likw my entire schools talking about it. im inviting about 250 people and its at my hpuse with a dj. whats about 200 songs? what albums/genres/artists/songs?

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9th October 2011

what do you think of my poem so far?

i still need to write 4 more stanzas to meet the rubrics requirments. but mainy the assigment was to write a scary poem following the style of Edgar Allan Poe or something like that. i really dont care and just wrote whatever i wanted but what do you think of it?

The slam of a door never should you ignore
Its meaning can be much more
When a glistening steel blade
Is there to make troubles fade
While streaming tears hit the floor

A troubled mind hope left behind
In a world that is far too much unkind
When a pale skin turned a to a red
When a light blue vein is open and bled
Have the people around become blind?

A scarred arm which faced harm
An upset soul should have caused alarm
I ponder the thoughts of the community around
When did they realize a world tearing down
When will life be able to disarm?

When she lies in bed remembering words said
Tomorrows events she beings to dread
When the past days of sorrow and hurt
Will repeat and hide the scars in a long sleeve shirt
When metal is covered in a hopeless shade of red

Had no one seen this troubled teen
Trapped in a hurtful routine
And did no one see those damaged eyes
When they needed help and sat and cried
A disease of damage with no vaccine

But after years an angel appears
The one who offered to dry those tears
The one who put the razors down
So in despair she would not drown
And with time she would have no fears

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