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whats a cute way to ask a girl out on new years eve?

31st December 2010

whats a cute way to ask a girl out on new years eve?

Okay i like this girl and i know she likes me but i still want to be creative and ask her out in a cute way. i have it planned to do it at the end of the count down on new years eve. but i need a cute way. i dont want to just ask her like any other person would. do you want to go out? it just doesnt seem thought full or cute. can anyone help me?

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30th December 2010

Love Your Enemies

Hey bubbiful ones! Live like bright lamps! ^_^ Don’t drink the “ass milk” lol… erm yeah… It’s been a while since I made one of these!! ^_^ I missed talking to you guys. So here is some Bubz quality time (pukes). So are you guys willing to share this resolution with me? You should! Because you are Worth it! Everybody will hate or resent at many points of their lives. But what I’m saying- with a lil bit of understanding; we can resent less. We can appreciate situations more. I’m using my macbook isight webcam for this video because I’m staying with my granny and I didn’t bring my camcorder. Hope you don’t mind guys!! Still mid-sick with the flu but getting better-ish ^_^. If it doesn’t kill me, only gets me stronger yo!! Being negative/hateful will only hurt yourself in the process. Is it really worth it? Will it benefit you? Answer: No. It will only make you trapped in resentment. Whether 2010 was good for you or not, we now have 2011 in front of us. Leave all of the bad baggage behind. If you haven’t already; its time to live for the future and not the past. Very often in life we are driven by many different factors that delays/prevents us from being happy. One common factor that can drive us is ‘Resentment’. Honestly; I don’t know everything but I’m just going to talk about some pointers that will hopefully inspire you to live less negative. I hope this video can become viral and work viral to break away grudges in people’s hearts. Grudges are unhealthy. You know

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29th December 2010

Should i ask this girl out?

I am a teen aged boy and Ive really never asked a girl out before. There is this girl that I like named Makenna and Ive known her for about 9 years. We are pretty good friends and we hang out fairly often by going out to movies hangouts and road trips with 4 more people we know to relieve some pressure off of us. I text her almost everyday due to her being at opposite schools and the texts are usually a little flirty and full of smiley faces between us. I really like her and Im a little afraid to make the first move and find out she doesnt feel the same way. Making it awkward and completely ruining our friendship. Have any advice? Should I make the first move soon?

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29th December 2010


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27th December 2010

help: starting to have an acne problem?

my skins breaking out it hasnt broken out in a while im a teen still but i usually only get pimples on my forhead but lately its worsening to my cheeks and its also itchy. I need some advice on how to prevent it from spreading and good homemade preferably remedies to use. thank you
no im not and i want homemade remedies

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25th December 2010

Is it possible for Santa to deliver all the presents in one night?

I believe it is possible here me out. The time change through out the world and the fact that he has many elves that can help with the toys. Now I know some of you will say that I am a idiot and thats O.K feel free to say that if it makes you feel good. But Merry Christmas to you anyway. So what say you? Is it possible?

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25th December 2010

The Secret to Clear Skin Hey guys! Did this video at night time using webcam so sorry if its dull. But all that matters is the info =) Hey guys! So in this video, I share the essential guide lines to Clearer looking skin. When I get emails and messages from you guys, it breaks my heart to know how much it effects you from living your life. Confidence is everything. You need it for you to excel forward in terms of career, relationships and dreams. I hope you guys find this video helpful. I talk my experiences with acne, share ten essential tips to Clear skin and 3 tips of my own that I swear by. I know what it feels to have acne. I had severe acne afterall but it does not mean Im a professional. I am not dermatologist so these are all based in my experiences. Remember everybody is different. However, these guidelines should positively change your skin. Skincare should be simple. Not complicated. The best things are always free. I know the video is long but its because I had alot I wanted to talk about and I didnt want to miss areas out. My throat was dying out of me but it was worth it. I apologise if I speak too quickly thorough enough. I tried to get by each point as clear but quick as I can so the video wouldnt be too long. However, the video is still like 15 minutes long XD! My skin isnt perfect guys. I keep telling you all that. Please believe me. It has improved dramatically in the past 2 years but its not perfect. But I did find my own way to break through

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24th December 2010

Do you say Merry Christmas on Christmas day or eve?

I live in America.
Yep. Thats it. I just get confused ..

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23rd December 2010

Why am i soo emotional and upset?

I just got off on christmas break today and im soo upset that i have to leave school. Throughout the whole year i was counting down the days until i could leave and i usually hate school and homework but today was the last day and i just did my christmas concert for guitar and i feel like crying right now../: And lately every little thing has upset me or made me cry. Today i was feeling soo depressed because i didnt have that many guy friends compared to my other friend and that led to me thinking i would be alone for the rest of my life. And then our teacher told me we had to copy down an extra note and a wave of sadness just washed over me. And as soon as it came it was gone. why am i having so many mood swings? And then I thought about my ex and i started crying even though im over him and its been like a year and a half and then 10 minutes later i stopped and wondered why i was crying in the first place. S:
and im leaving for Europe in a couple of days for two weeks and all im feeling is sadness and like i dont want to leave home and i want to hangout with my friends. Before this week i was soo excited thats all I could think about and i always wanted to travel but i dont know i just feel…down:
im a 15 yr old girl btw.

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22nd December 2010

What XMAS present would u get the following players users?

Cesc Fabregas
Santa Cruz


part 2 coming soon i saw that about every question.. and forget to post one.. this time im serious

typo not saw.. say

my answers:

Cesc Fabregas Get well balloons cards and chocolates
Torres a new hairband 😛
Santa Cruz an arsenal jersey
Owen Liverpool contract 😛
Terry Lampard :PPPP
Giggs retirement plan

Amie New Chelsea Jersey
Ashley A Tshirt.. he must be getting cold
Touz Arsenal jersey.. she really loves them
Karthi an iTouch 😛 im nice like that
Marky tshirt.. he must be getting cold too 😛
G4L Aaron Ramsey
hola hovito ohh grow up
bobby lol ashs gift and lol karthis luckyyy 😛
bobby same type of question.. different players and users :
stefy aw thanks 😛 i always wanted a dog :DDD
Karthi awww im blushing

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