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Lesbian movies about teens?

29th July 2010

Lesbian movies about teens?

Ive seen Itty Bitty Titty Committee But Im a Cheerleader and Lost Delirious. do you guys know of any other lez movies that involve teens? I ask because Im a teenager myself so I can relate better to movies about my own age group I love most lesbian movies though lol. So yeah let me know of any you can think of Thanks :

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27th July 2010

Teens I need help with the new degrassi season Please help:D3?

my parents switched to dish and didnt pay for the teennick channel. so i cant watch my favorite show degrassi on tv i have to watch it online:/

anyway my friends said there was a movie? im trying to figure out the order of the episodes in which i should look them up.

on teennick the movie isnt online…and there are two episodes both which have two parts to them one part is like 2 minutes and the second like 20 again this confuses me how the first part is barely a couple minutes long

So basically I want to know…do i watch the movie before i watch the episodes? where can i find the movie online for free without downloading? are the two episodes on teennick the only episodes that have been released? any information you can give would be amazing

thank you so much it would mean a lot:D3
…but the movie HAS come out ALREADY? right? as well as the four episodes right? x

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26th July 2010

What movies that have a lot of replay value should I add to my collection?

That are worth buying? Other than comedies?

This is a list of all the movies I own
Some of these are good and some of these are bad XMas Gifts lol but its an honest list

2 Fast 2 Furious
3 Strikes
8 Mile
25th hour
40 Days and 40 Nights
American Beauty
American History X
American Psycho
Baby Boy
Back to the future Trilogy
Bad Santa
Batman Returns
Being John Malcovich
Ben Hur
Bevis and Butthead Do America
Blood Diamond
Boyz in the hood
Brewsters Millions
Broken Arrow
Brown Sugar
Bustin Loose
Cabin Fever
Car Wash
Demolition Man
Dirty Work
Do The Right Thing
Dont Be A Menace In South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Darko
Dumb and Dumber
Face Off
Fast and the furious Tokyo Drift
Fight Club
Final Destination
Forest Gump
Friday Trilogy Friday Next Friday Friday After Next
Full Metal Jacket
Gangs Of New York
Get On The Bus
Goodwill Hunting
Half Baked
He Got Game
Heartbreak Ridge
How High
Indiana Jones Original Trilogy RaidersDoom The Last Crusade and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Jackie Brown
Jay Silent Bob Strike Back
Jungle Fever
Jurassic Park 1 The Lost World
Kill Bill Vol. 1 2
Love Stinks
Malcolm X
Me Myself and Irene
Menace 2 Society
Million Dollar Baby
Mo Betta Blues
Monsters Ball
Not another teen movie
Observe and report
Old School
Planet Terror
Point Blank
Pulp Fiction
Reindeer Games
Reservoir Dogs
Road Trip
Romeo Must Die
Rush Hour 2
Saving Private Ryan
Saving Silverman
Say It Isnt So
Scary Movie 1 2
Scent Of A Woman
Scream 3
Shawshank Redemption
She Hate Me
Shutter Island
Silence of the lambs
Sin City
Sling Blade
Spiderman 2 3
Star Wars: The Original Trilogy
Stealing Harvard
Terminator 1 and 2
The Aviator
The Butterfly Effect
The Cable Guy
The Dark Knight
The Departed
The Edge
The Fast and the furious
The Fly
The Ghost in the darkness
The Green Mile
The Matrix Trilogy
The Nutty Professor
The Rundown
The Time Machine
The Wash
The Wood
The XMen Trilogy 123 and X Men Origins Wolverine
Theres something about Mary
Total Recall
Training Day
True Romance
What dreams may come
Which Way Is Up?

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25th July 2010

Any good teen movies?

Something like Yours Mine and Ours Journey to the Centre of the Earth and 13 going on 30……something funny cute or about an adventure………. :

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23rd July 2010

Is this a sign of depression?

I pretty much have all these symptoms

feeling angry most of the time rebellious tired this is one that teens have complained a lot about to me they have a hard time sleeping at night or they want to sleep all the time inability to concentrate change in personality giving away possessions lack of self esteem change in eating patterns weight change or eating disorderdrawings or music with death themes sexual promiscuity unusual sadness/discouragement/ loneliness hostile or reckless behavior neglect of personal appearance truancy from school perfectionism restlessness anxiety/stress failing grades addictions pornography feeling unsafe at home or school being bullied

I always used to do good in school get good grades even last year sophomore year I never skipped and ended with all As and 2 Bs but not this year. I dont feel good in school before I go to school I have to look over myself many times to make sure Im good enough looking to go to school no acne etc.

I also started listening to bands like Marylin Manson Ozzy osbourne Black Label society… is this depression or am I just lonely from lack of love/girlfriend?
My parents arent supportive and put me down and say I am lazy thats why I miss school.
and thats why they think I miss school. My parents tell me to look towards the future but I cant

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21st July 2010

Im upset and have no one to talk to?

Im crying while writing this and Im super upset. Im upset because my life just seems to keep getting worse

It started when my dad died exactly one week before I turned 8.

We have trouble with money so my mom is always freaking out about that.

Im home schooled so I dont see people daily.

I have 1 friend that didnt end up being a jerk a boy crazy teen or some jerk who cheats off me in school.

My mom goes to school a few days a week and still needs a job. So I am almost always alone.

My grandma has been in the hospital so my mom has been there with here and is always freaking out even more.

My mom has always had some illness my entire life. She complains about it a lot and she also has been saying how hard it was when her mom was sick. How does she think I feel? Who was there for me when she took medicine for a live problem that might of ended bad? What about when I was little and she went to the hospital?

We have 5 dogs The only one I actually wanted and took responsibility for was one but I end up taking care of them when my mom is gone.

No one seems to realize that a lot of the bad things in my life is THEIR fault.

My brother gets treated better. He gets to do what ever he wants my mom buys things he doesnt need and thats almost the opposite with me. i had to wait over a month for shoes that werent painful or falling apart or made of neon orange rubber while my brother just said he wanted shoes and he got them today.

When I try to say my problems to my mom she says Im over reacting and ignores me.

I have NO ONE to talk to about my problems. Listed above and the other reason is my one friend is still a new friend and it doesnt seem like telling my problems to her would make her want to invite me over again.

I cant clean anything. I freak out. My room is a mess because I have no where to put every thing and its hard to find the junk or the stuff to keep and no one helps me. I cant wash the dished because it takes me an hour because I replace the water because it gets brown and I scrub the dishes until I get everything off. And Im sick of doing all the hard wor with dogs when every one else gets all the perks.

Ive been sick the last few days feeling like Im gonna puke. And I cant sleep because my neck hurts badly and when Im super tired things freak me out.

I could go on for hours but Im tired…..
Wait just a little correction you may not have read all this which you should have but Im home schooled so my teacher is my mom who I dont talk to.

Which reminds me My moms keeps saying I should go some where and do some thing other then sit around all day in my room yet the only things she has suggested that would work she never does. i have never been to the new art museum after a month or 2.
I was in public school before. they treat us like morons and half of the people are My brother is a grade ahead of me and when he was in 7th grade my mom saw one of his spelling words was windmill or fireplace. And I had gone years with no one to talk to because every one else was just sooo important. And most people play sports to get calmed but it just stresses me out because I cant get it right and that happens with too many hobbies. And my room is filled with baskets of clothes that half are my moms and about 1/4 of my closet is filled with my moms puzzles and board games and my dresser is filled with winter clothes and I barely have any summer clothes that fit and arent ugly because my mom gives me her old clothes which are too big and are old lady style

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19th July 2010

Is it right for a preteen to dress emo?

I dont like how the other girls dress. Girly to me is like hell. And jocks is too… wierd lets put it that way. I mean all my friends call me emo and they say I listen to emo music Alesana Escape the Fate My Chemical romance AFI etc and so they consider me emo. I barely know what emo is but this is my definition: Actually a music genre but people consider it as a fashion and/or lifestyle. Consists of skinny jeans band tshirts graphic tees converse or vans and wild hairstyles. Usually colored black or spiked in the back. Usually depressed or just an outsider. Music is the most important thing there… and thats all. Do you think I should be allowed to be emo? I mean i know its a stereotype but still… Or what age should you be emo? I think its really cool cause it consists mostly of music so… what do you think? and no hate comments please… those kill me. XP
Ive tried a lot of other styles and they didnt feel like if they were for me. :s and I tried emo first and it definetaly felt like me I wasnt sure so I moved on…. And I cant hang out with them cause they are reallr really really rare here. So : oh well

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19th July 2010

Teens: What is your favorite video game?

And why?

Mine is Resident Evil 4 because it is very realistic with an in depth story line. And its long but not too long.

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18th July 2010

Are you sick of Lady Gaga yet? Parents?

Im 16 and when Lady Gaga first came out w/ Just Dance I loooved her. I mean she was different her beats were amazingstill are and she looked original. Now I kind of feel shes just doing things for attention now. For example she showed up at a baseball game children were present and all she had on was a bra panties and an unbuttoned baseball jersey/shirt. I mean why? I still like her music because its different but when I go watch her videos i get disappointed because even though some people are dead stuck on saying its art It just seems like crazy crap she put together just to keep her name out there. I really dont feel she is a good role model at all. Shes a celebrity and kids/teens look up to her whether she likes it or not. She also stated a while back that Im like this all the time. I am Gaga but yet a couple of years ago she had brown hair and wore tennis shoes and jeans like the rest of us. Im also confused into why people keep saying singers like Christina Aguilera and Rihanna are copying her style when in fact most of the female artist out today were out way before Gagas look at me breakthrough. In reality Gaga is the one doing some of the copying which is fine. It is good to be inspired by others. Just dont take the credit. What are your feelings on her? And no rude comments. This is my opinion tell me yours.

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17th July 2010

What would you do about this boy?

Ok so theres this guy lets call him Will. Were both in our younger teen years and in the same grade. Ive known him since I was 6 or 7 maybe younger. Were not exactly what you call friends but hes always tried to have conversations with me when were togetherIm extremly shy so I dont usually help that to much but I do try to talk back to him and teased me most of the times. However in the past few months hes stopped talking to me like he used to. I dont think hes mad at me because hes not hostile at all just not so talkitive to me anymore. About a month ago I realized I have feelings for him. I went to watch a ball game that one of my few close guy friends is on and he only smiled at me once didnt even say hi. But according to my bff he was staring at me alot when I wasnt looking. Im so confused and any advice is apriciated. What would you do?

PS: Sorry about the length I just had alot to say. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read it.

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