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If you watch College Basketball what are your predictions for the 2010 Final Four and championship winner?

21st March 2010

If you watch College Basketball what are your predictions for the 2010 Final Four and championship winner?

Mine Final Four is

Villanovaonly lose Shane ClarkDwayne Andersonand Dante Cunningham. Still a ton of depth and good recruiting class coming it. An explosive offense team and one of the NCAAs best on the defensive end

Michigan Stateonly lose Goran SutonTravis Waltonand Ebon Ibok. Return a ton of depth and more experience from the national runner up. Kalin Lucas will be the best PG in the NCAA this season.

Texaswith Avery BradleyJai Lucas coming in plus Damion James coming back and the emergence of big man Dexter Pittman the Longhorns are primed to have a good season. They just need to hit more perimeter shots.

West Virginiaalot of returning talented and young rising star Devin Ebanks to go with explosive scorer Dasean Butler. Also alot of depth.

I think the Michigan State Spartans are the team that walks away with the national title in 20092010

If you watch College Basketball what are your predictions for the 2010 Final Four and championship winner?

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14th March 2010

playstation 3 wont play games with trophy install today?

Ok so i have a PS3 Phat. i went to play tekken 6 today but instead of the game playing i got the error code 0X8001050F. So i been looking on the net and other people have been having the the same problem. They are saying it has somthing to do with the play station network but my ps3 isnt connected at the moment. One person said it has somthing to do with the clock and it will fix its self on march the 2nd so why not change the clock back? Anyway what ups with this?

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13th March 2010

I need to know… swimsuits for spring break?

Okay so Im around 13ish and Im kinda flat chested but not completely. I mean I have some boobs but I have to wear my bra for it to look good and pretty. Without it its weird small and saggy.

Plus I have a little fat around my tummy not totally fat lol Im super skinny but I have a bit of fat it isnt perfect like the teen models but Im working on it right now.

What are some swimsuits that would fit it. DO NOT suggest Targets. I hate that store lol.

Im way too old for Limited Too. Remember Im THIRTEEN not ten. I want a padded swimsuit top bikini preferrably that is good for my small chest. Probably around 32A.

Thank you.

Any tips for my tummy would be helpful. My deadline is April and Im currently working on Wii Fit and 2 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar with 8oz water everyday it should work

Dont suggest me any ordinary swimsuit for teens or adults because those do not fit me

Thank you.
Btw I hate tankinis I think theyre kinda ugly
No offense lol
And pricing is an issue for me.

Nothing more than 20 dollars for BOTH top and bottom.

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11th March 2010

Good advice to losing weight as fast as possible.?

Im a teen 14 and Im very overweight and Im sick of it. I want to be normal teenager and be able to lay around eat whatever and party with friends instead of exercise and watch what I eat so I need help.

Things I know I need to do Eat very good stuff and exercise.
But what kinds of food should I stay away from and what foods should I eat more of.

And ANY kind of help/advice anything that would be helpful even if it seems obvious. I need all the help possible. Thanks.

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9th March 2010

Whats the name for a person who deals with troubled teens?

Im trying to figure out what i want to major in in college. I want to work with troubled teens ones that have different mental disorders such as bipolar depression anorexia bulimia. Or teens that are gay and need help coming out to their friends and family. Im not sure what the specific name for someone in that profession would be…

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7th March 2010

what am i feeling help?

Im real confused right now and just wanted some advice from you guys….

I graduated high school last year and have gone off to college far away from home. During my last 2 years of high school me and this girl got really close. It was weird nothing sexual / romantic at all we were and are like best friends. It was cool to have a girl to talk to about stuff that wasnt my girlfriend.

A month before we both went off to college she got involved with this guy back home which was fine he was cool. So we went off to different colleges pretty far from home with her doing the long disance thing with the guy back home.

That kinda messed up her first term at college as she was missing him loads. Because im just a stupid boy i got a little jealous protective but kept it to myself and got over it with a pretty short fling with someone at my new college. But now they have decided to go on a break a few weeks ago because the long distance just wasnt working. We are all coming back home soon for easter she said she wants to back together as everyone returns from college for a month.

I am really confused because i cant get her out of my head. We talk on aim lots and we are still good friends. I tell her my problems and she tells me hers and we laugh and joke. But i still find myself thinking about her and the conversations we have during the day randomly. Its crazy because i know i dont want a long distance relationship it would not work and would destroy up our friendship and make us unhappy. Which i why i dont understand the emotions i am feeling. help


The part that i really dont get it that while we were at high school everyone thought we were in a relationship. She is not the type of girl i would normally go for either. There are girls that i kinda like in my classes and i know feel the same. But i still find myself thinking of her. Not sure if i just care for her as a sister and dont want her to get hurt?

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3rd March 2010

Is the Easter Bunny real?

Okay so I know this question sounds stupid but I think you better read the rest of this post before you scream at me.

It was Easter day and it was also my birthday. We were having a birthday party and I was in my room playing with all my friends. I sat next to my toy box which was empty. It was time for lunch so everyone left except for me. I waited by my empty toy box and then peeked around the door to see if they were coming back anytime soon. I looked for about a second and when I turned back to my toy box… It had a bag with four BIG chocolate eggs in it

Thats a true story. My toy box was empty and there was nobody in the room but me. How do you explain it? Serious answers only this is no joke.
I dont think the Easter Bunny is real. I just used that as my question to draw people in. :/

My real question is: how do you explain it?

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