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Weight Loss?

31st October 2012

Weight Loss?

Question by 1: Weight Loss?
I want to lose weight (about 35 pounds) at 5’4 so I can be 100. I’ve been trying to lose weight for about 3 years, and I feel that I have ruined my life constantly trying and not doing anything with my life because if my weight isn’t good, I don’t feel comfortable doing anything. Still, I don’t want people to think that I’m doing it for attention since it will be a great loss. I’m embarassed by what people may say, even though this is what I want. I think this is hindering my progress. Advice?

Best answer:

Answer by Cordelia_Violet
First off, the normal weight for someone your height is roughly 120-125 lbs. I think you might be taking this too far. You should concentrate on eating healthy and exercise, not weight loss.

Unfortunately, I sometimes don’t like to do things when I am unhappy about my weight. But, you can’t rely on weight and looks to gain your self-esteem. You need to focus on your thoughts and other achievements. If you do get down to 100 lbs, something else will pop out. You might want to get down to 90, you might want surgery, etc. You need to really find other ways to be happy.

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31st October 2012

How to do a Daisy Chain Braid Video

how to do a knotted braid, or chain braid, or daisy chain braid, as I’ve called it on my blog, How to braid little girl’s hair or teen hair. Little girls’ hair styles or teen hairstyles.

Little girl singing 'born this way' by LADY GAGA

My little cousin singing !……. Like this page on facebook..
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31st October 2012

News Stories – Facebook Parenting: For The Troubled Teen [OfficialGATG Response]

News Stories - Facebook Parenting: For The Troubled Teen [OfficialGATG Response]

Original Video: Wolfdogdeathking17’s Channel: Want to be a part of OfficialGATG? Watch this video and read description of that video: Email to send intros: Our two cents on the viral video on youtube along with a rant on Facebook and other stuff. Do you think he went overboard with the video? Or do you think it was justified? Let us know :) Music Outro: Demo song Stoutmeister is working on with Joe777k7 and friend Conrad for a separate project. Joe’s channel: Twitter: BlipTV: Facebook: If you have a suggestions for a future video whether it be a rant, comedic skit idea, etc, be sure to go onto our channel page and submit your ideas into the moderator.


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31st October 2012

Does Washing Your Face Too Much Cause Acne? Talkin Tuesday

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31st October 2012

What are good teen chat sites?

Question by chris perez: What are good teen chat sites?
I’m 16 and just wanna chat anybody know any good ones

Best answer:

Answer by ╊━━ 丂イム尺 イん乇 ズんムフノノイ 比ム尺尺ノロ尺乇丂丂 ━━╉

They’re typically present on anime websites. I made quite a few good friends on there. There’s another website ——>

But omegle is dangerous as it’s made for talking to strangers. At least with chatango, you can talk to people who have written something about themselves.

Good luck!

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31st October 2012

What is a good acne solution?

Question by Andrea: What is a good acne solution?
I’m 20 years old and I was hoping that leaving teenage years my teen acne would go away, I’ve tried many acne washes, scrubs, masks…I have somewhat oily skin, and most of my acne is on my cheeks, what is the best solution for this, it’s getting tiring.

PS – open to home remedies as well.

Best answer:

Answer by Nixie
my mom is in her 50s, and every once in a while she would get acne, so its normal. acne just gets severe in the teen years because of the rise of hormones, so you shouldnt worry
what i do [saw it on the doctors] is i would take 2 aspirins, crush them, then add a little water until it turns into a soft paste, and apply it onto my acne
another way of curing it is by slicing a tomato, and lightly rubbing it on the affected area, and it will help
good luck 😀

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31st October 2012

WWE teen titans style part 2

WWE teen titans style part 2

i worked really hard on this one! xxx
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Hi, My name is Anthony (Ant is my nic name) I’m a 48 year old male and I was born with Cerebral Palsy and some of my body parts doesnt work right, like my hands. I can’t use my hands, so at age 1 in a half my mother would put me in my walker and put toys by my feet and I would play with my toys with my feet. As I get older I got better doing other things with my feet. Like putting records, 8 tracks, cass tapes, video tapes, CDs and many othher thing like writing, drawing, turning on and off things like tvs, radios ect… at a teen my Mom & Dad got me my first typewriter and I would type letters to everybody I knew and mail them. in 1998 I got my 1st. windows computer and got online and I typed to everyone in chat rooms. in 2000 I found E BAY and I learned how to sell on EBAY and here it is in 2010 and I’m still selling on E BAY to people all over the world, people ask me questions about the items that I sell and I answer them. I love doing E BAY so when I first heard this song I got the idea to make this video clip. And I would love to hear what YOU people think of it. so leave a comment and if theres any questions you would like to know about me, PLEASE Feel free to ask……… I hope you enjoy my video clip. as much as I enjoy shaing it with you! Many Thanks, Ant
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30th October 2012

Tips For Becoming A Sucessful Beauty Guru! ♥

Tips For Becoming A Sucessful Beauty Guru! ♥

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30th October 2012

Can you help me find a teen chat room?

Question by KB: Can you help me find a teen chat room?
I want to meet new people but I cant find a good chating website please help me?

Best answer:

Answer by Brittany******

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30th October 2012

Music Launch Of ‘Talaash’ By Aamir Khan & Rani Mukherji !!

Music Launch Of 'Talaash' By Aamir Khan & Rani Mukherji !!

Aamir Khan And Rani Mukerji will be seen again on the silver screen after ‘Ghulam’ in the upcoming movie ‘Talaash’ which also stars Kareena Kapoor. The event was the music launch of the movie. At the event were present the enitre stars of the movie minus Kareena Kapoor who recently got married. At the launch Aamir spoke about the movie. Aamir also said that not to compare his character to a ‘Chulbul Pandey’ from ‘Dabangg’. Rani said that there were no belly dancing moves in this movie. For more info watch this video… If You like the video don’t forget to share with others & also share your views. Your one stop destination for all the latest videos Subscribe NOW!
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