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Red Carpet : 83rd Academy Awards [Oscar Awards 2011] Part 5/5

27th February 2011

Red Carpet : 83rd Academy Awards [Oscar Awards 2011] Part 5/5


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27th February 2011

how should i decorate my room?

So Im a 15 year old girl and just took down all my old posters. What should i cover my walls with? Theyre currently purple. Im into peotry songs lots of movies quotes normal teenage stuff basically. What should I put on my walls?

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25th February 2011

HELP What is the best teen acne solution?

im 15 and i have face acne. its horrible i have tried a ton of solutions such as proactive biodermazin ect. i need help i dont know what else to do:

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24th February 2011

Fun things to do with a group of teenage friends?


My well my twin sister and my birthday is coming up in less than two weeks. Were high school students and have a few good friends whom we are inviting to our birthday party. Basically next week well pick our friends up from school and the next day well go to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Okay. Well the night they spend with us before we go to Six Flags Im not sure what well do. I know my mom says shes going to take us all out to dinner at this soda bar in the area which will be way fun…and of course birthday cake with friends and family.

But that night Im not sure what to do. Not everyone thats coming really…gets along I guess. In the clearest way possible….

Me L gets along with pretty much everyone coming. Dee I sometimes have issues and G and I dont always see eye to eye but other than that Im good.

My sister G gets along with S very well and Dee very well. She doesnt really like J too much but really cant stand E.

My friend Dee is nice and funny but has some guy friends shell side with over us. Shes quite the peace maker and tries to get along with everyone.

My friend S is very loving and caring but very serious and solemn. She gets along with everyone except E.

My friend J is…well not the brightest. She can be quite a…well teenager…at timesvery into gossiping and boys. She gets along with everyone except for E.

My friend E…Im not going to say shes a slut but she is a little bit of one. Shes in Musical Theatre with me and has stood by me no matter what which is something I cant ignore. She also does a lot of Creative Writing projects with me. Shes a very good friend of mine. She doesnt like J very much but gets along with everyone pretty well.

With all that said I do still want to have some fun with them. I will list some things we WONT do:

1. Nothing sexual.
2. No sneaking out of the house.
3. No beer or drugs.

I want to have fun though. Were open to just about anythingprank calls fun games etc.

So what should we do?
Excuse me but being good students and mature young women we are not lame. Just because we dont flash dumb asses like you our tits doesnt mean were lame.

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22nd February 2011

what are those easter birdie candies called?

they come in a little pack they look like little chicks and theyre made of marshmallow …???

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21st February 2011

What is the foretelling of octopus for the ICC cricket worldcup 2011?

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20th February 2011

what GCSEs do you need for a career in fashion?

So Im in year 9 in England and I have to choose my options I would love a career in fashion but I dont know which subjects to take
I have to take:
English language Literature GCSEs
Mathematics GCSE
Statistics in maths GCSE
Triple Science GCSEs
Religious Studies GCSE which involves quite a bit of philosophy
ICT OCR national level 2
1 language Im going to take spanish
History or geography Im taking History modern worlds about International relations 19191939 and The actions of the great powers USA and Germany 19171945

This leaves me with one more option and I dont know what to take
Help me
Art GCSE which I would fail
Business studies GCSE which is supposed to be rubbish and boring
Child development GCSE
Drama GCSE I could probably pass
French GCSE
Peforming arts BTEC I could probably pass

please help me

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19th February 2011

Where do I find arguments against strict teen driving laws? HELP?

Im doing a research paper against the new strict teen driving laws the whole fifty hours six month bit but Im having trouble finding an argument to support my paper… Instead Im finding OD research that is opposing my side of the argument and its honestly pissing me off beond belief… pleaseee help

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18th February 2011

how do i start teen modeling?

im 13 and im already modelling but i havent gotten any jobs yet because of where i live. i want to model so bad it has always been my dream and i want to be americas next top model when i grow up some more so any help would be great?
i have some jobs but not alot so tht is not wat i meant

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17th February 2011

ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Opening Ceremony – Part -15/1


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