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How can i look awesome at school?

29th April 2010

How can i look awesome at school?

i cant wear any makeup or pick my clothescuz of uniform
i have to wear a blouse tie blazer skirt clumpy black shows and horrible itchy tights. :
what can make me look amazing but not get in trouble. I am allowed lipgloss though.
Thx sweetys
btw im a TEEN GIRL ha ha XD

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26th April 2010

Why do I feel like only living with my boyfriend or getting married is the only way Ill be happy?

So he doesnt want me to live l get married yet because he says Im too young immature and that Im not ready. But I feel though I am ready. I dont do normal teenage activities like clubs parties ect… And I just work/school. Im 19 and he is 28… So he wants me to finish college first but I just want to be with him : what should I do?

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21st April 2010

Weight Question about a teen?

I am 15 a girl five feet and seven inches and weigh 147 pounds. How can i reduce some wight this summer and how much should I reduce?

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18th April 2010

Good teen or fiction books to read?

Well ive about read every good teen book out there and some good nonteen books.Now I need something to read…
Please dont say Twilight those books are crap compared to other books ive read.
Dont request:
Gossip Girl
Moganville Vampire Series
Vampire Academy Series
House of Night Series
Nothing Anne Rice Ive read about 3/4 of her books
Nothing Stepehen King same
Dean Koontz
Lisi Harrison books all read
Meg Cabot all read
Anything Mellisa De la Cruz all read
Jen Calonita
Anything by Scott Westerfield all read
Anything by Nancy Holder
Anything Kate Brian all read
No Cecily Von Ziegesar
The Summoning or Reckoning both read
Vampire Kisses series
No Anna Godbersen
Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Please no Trilogys they make me mad…
No Vladamir Todd
No Sarah Dessen all read
Well there are tons more seriously
but im not going to list them all basically ive read mostly all the books about: ghost 1900s life fashion vampire or vampyres werewolves cliques and drama…oh and faries… and witches…and mummys/zombies….
So if you know any other books you think I havent read go for it 😀
Please and Thnx :
Yeah read about gods too Percy Jackson read books before they became popular as I always do and Midnighters read those 3 too

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18th April 2010

Any teens or moms out there that can help me?

my mom wont let me wear short shorts because she does sahaja yoga and she believes in covering yourself up all the time and she doesnt let me wear sleeveless shirts or dresses or bikinis unless they have rashguards over them. i really want to be able to wear short shorts because i live in florida and its really hot can one of you please help me. i dont know what to do i go to school and feel so out of fashion wearing jeans in the hot spring weather and i like how the shorts look. and no i dont want to look like a slut i just like how the shorts look. my mom is being so unfair no its not just growing pains. i hate it so much. she is so strict. and im afraid that one day she is going to be so strict and ill get tired of it and ill just run away. i always want to run away everyday. help me please. i am 14 years old and i am so restricted and everytime i try something on in a store that my mom doesnt like she has this face of digust and disapproval that i hate looking at i just start tearing and tell her we are leaving the store and that i dont care. but i care so much i dont want to be a child she is ashamed of i just want to wear what i like. she says she is helping me with my future and morals and stuff but i can learn from my mistakes. a lot of my friends moms dont let them do things and then end up becoming the kind of person who does EVERYTHING but in secret. their relationship with their moms is screaming at each other all day and hating each other. i dont want that. i just want to be able to wear short shorts and my mom makes it such a big deal. someone please help me. especially the teens and moms.

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