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TeensWhat are you doing for Halloween?

31st October 2010

TeensWhat are you doing for Halloween?

Im hanging out with my friends all day going out around 8 and partying around the block 😀
Just letting you know Christians arent against witches. And Halloween is to scare the devil/bad spirits away. So its not supporting the devil.

AH so excited to party tonight

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28th October 2010

Any advice for the jr. teen division of National American Miss pageant?

I am so excited to be competing in the national american miss pageant in august. I still have to get ready for everything in the pageant but i dont want to start doing something and hear from experts that i am doing it all wrong If you could tell me any advice on the pageant at all it would be wonderful Any suggestions for any part of the pageant is appreciated.

If you have ever won before please help me too I want to do the best i can Please tell me any secret tips to winning or what the judges are looking for.

oh i already know the basics of pageants. Like smile good posture be yourself dont lie. I am looking for something that i wouldnt already know to help me out. This isnt my first pageant but it is my first time doing namiss. I have done about 5 pageants before but they were all small local town pageants. I have only won 2 each with no more than 4 contestants. Obviously not very experienced. Please help

P.S. Any suggestions on optionals would be good too

Thank you so much :

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23rd October 2010

What type of clothes do teenage guys find attractive on girls?

For Everyday clothes and for say party clothes?
Also makeup?
Just out of curiosity

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19th October 2010

Do you think there should be an Americas Next Top TEEN Model?

Do you think that Tyra should have a teen show 1319 just for teen models? or is there any other shows for exspering teen models

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17th October 2010

What natural medication?

would you suggest for someone who is a teen 1516. has depression could possibly be schizophrenic and doesnt want to take other un natural meds? . . .i talked to my mum but she said she doesnt know of any and doesnt care to try and find some so im asking you guys any help? thanks

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14th October 2010

When you were young what did you do when you had an acne attack on your face?

I mean teens of today have proactive and dermatologists and more. Like when I was young we had Mexican neighbors where the wife was from Northern Mexico and the husband was from Southern Mexico. The wife told us to use Aloe Vera and it worked. The husband also said honey with lime worked. Of course with the honey and lime there were some ristrictions like you cant go out in the sun until it was completely off your face because it burns your face. So what were somethings you did for acne when you were young?

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12th October 2010

Teens are there any celebrities you?

Think are attractive or you like from Disney? To me there are barely any but maybe a few.

Mine are:
Brenda Song
Selena Gomez
David Henrie
and Cody Linley
No…I like Selena and Brendas acting skills

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9th October 2010

Is this a good facial regimen? Or should I be doing the same thing night and morning? for teen acne?

So this is my new regimen for my moderate acne I want to try. I have oily skin on my cheeks and nose area and between my eyes but my chin is dry. Forehead is pretty normal. Benzoyl peroxide does irritate my face but it works better for me than salicylic acid. But i dont know if irritation is a really bad thing.

gentle foaming cleanser
benzoyl peroxide spot treatment 2

10 acne wash

Should I make any changes? I didnt want to use the spot treatment at night because I thought it would be excessive use of benzoyl peroxide since i would already be using a harsh 10 one.

So any suggestions or anything that works for you would be helpful :

Also if anyone thinks that salicylic acid works better than benzoyl peroxide let me know because salicylic acid didnt really have an affect on me but I was thinking if my first idea was to..idk not good lol then I would use just a gentle facial cleanser morning and night with a salicylic acid dual action moisturizer because it seems less irritating to my face.

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6th October 2010

How do I get smoother cleaner skin?

I wash my face twice everyday but I still have a few pimples and a lot of tiny bumps on my face. How do I get my face smooth? Are there any home remedies?
Yes I am a teenager and yes I do have a lot of stress. So Im guessing thats where my pimples come from.

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5th October 2010

What are good Japanese Teen Fashion/POP magazines?

I was wondering which magazine subscriptions for Teen pop/fashion magazines are the best. Does anyone happen to have a favorite they would like to share with me? :

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