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Registry Repair, Clean Up & File Fix for Windows

30th January 2011

Registry Repair, Clean Up & File Fix for Windows

Easily speed up your computer here: Quickly clean and repair your registry and have your computer running like new, guaranteed.

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1st January 2011

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14th December 2010

Online Test 1 – Daytona USA 3p 256k

Online Test 1 – Daytona USA 3 Players – Australia – UK – Belgium Slowest player in ring: lucisac @ 256k Usage: Port 9001 is already configured in the application and needs to be open if you have a router. – Extract files from archive below into the emulator”s directory. – Edit the dev.cmd file and only change the first line where you place the net ip address of the next player in the ring. – Launch the dev.cmd file when done and it will automatically load the emulator and Daytona USA for you. – Please read the dev.cmd file and readme for more information on usage and other options. Enjoy. Download: Daytona Online Tool is situated in the channel description. Chat Room (the meeting place for assistance): (Requires free forum registration)

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18th November 2010

Are most black friday electronics sales the same online?

I am looking to buy a new Xbox 360 but I do not want to deal with the hustle and bustle of the crowds on Black Friday. Would I be able to get relatively the same deal online?

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15th November 2010

Whats the difference between a notebook and laptop?

With the black Friday coming up I know theres going to be a lot of deals on laptops and notebooks. Im just not sure whats the difference if any thank you.

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10th November 2010

Is this a healthy breakfast??

Hi OK I am a happy and healthy 13 year old boy using moms account OK so I am so happy to say ive lost 75 lbs in the last 45 months. Now tommorow morning for breakfast im going to spice up my breakfast. I am going to have quick oatmeal. Same thing as quaker oats. It comes in a cylinder tube. I am going to put raisins cinnamon and brown sugar and some skim milk in it. Will that be healthy?? The brown sugar at least. And the oats have only 150 calories so. I am a very rare teen. Im not like the rest of American teens who stuff their faces with McDonalds and burger king. LOL. So do u guys think im wise?

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18th April 2010

Any teens or moms out there that can help me?

my mom wont let me wear short shorts because she does sahaja yoga and she believes in covering yourself up all the time and she doesnt let me wear sleeveless shirts or dresses or bikinis unless they have rashguards over them. i really want to be able to wear short shorts because i live in florida and its really hot can one of you please help me. i dont know what to do i go to school and feel so out of fashion wearing jeans in the hot spring weather and i like how the shorts look. and no i dont want to look like a slut i just like how the shorts look. my mom is being so unfair no its not just growing pains. i hate it so much. she is so strict. and im afraid that one day she is going to be so strict and ill get tired of it and ill just run away. i always want to run away everyday. help me please. i am 14 years old and i am so restricted and everytime i try something on in a store that my mom doesnt like she has this face of digust and disapproval that i hate looking at i just start tearing and tell her we are leaving the store and that i dont care. but i care so much i dont want to be a child she is ashamed of i just want to wear what i like. she says she is helping me with my future and morals and stuff but i can learn from my mistakes. a lot of my friends moms dont let them do things and then end up becoming the kind of person who does EVERYTHING but in secret. their relationship with their moms is screaming at each other all day and hating each other. i dont want that. i just want to be able to wear short shorts and my mom makes it such a big deal. someone please help me. especially the teens and moms.

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21st March 2010

If you watch College Basketball what are your predictions for the 2010 Final Four and championship winner?

Mine Final Four is

Villanovaonly lose Shane ClarkDwayne Andersonand Dante Cunningham. Still a ton of depth and good recruiting class coming it. An explosive offense team and one of the NCAAs best on the defensive end

Michigan Stateonly lose Goran SutonTravis Waltonand Ebon Ibok. Return a ton of depth and more experience from the national runner up. Kalin Lucas will be the best PG in the NCAA this season.

Texaswith Avery BradleyJai Lucas coming in plus Damion James coming back and the emergence of big man Dexter Pittman the Longhorns are primed to have a good season. They just need to hit more perimeter shots.

West Virginiaalot of returning talented and young rising star Devin Ebanks to go with explosive scorer Dasean Butler. Also alot of depth.

I think the Michigan State Spartans are the team that walks away with the national title in 20092010

If you watch College Basketball what are your predictions for the 2010 Final Four and championship winner?

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14th March 2010

playstation 3 wont play games with trophy install today?

Ok so i have a PS3 Phat. i went to play tekken 6 today but instead of the game playing i got the error code 0X8001050F. So i been looking on the net and other people have been having the the same problem. They are saying it has somthing to do with the play station network but my ps3 isnt connected at the moment. One person said it has somthing to do with the clock and it will fix its self on march the 2nd so why not change the clock back? Anyway what ups with this?

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13th March 2010

I need to know… swimsuits for spring break?

Okay so Im around 13ish and Im kinda flat chested but not completely. I mean I have some boobs but I have to wear my bra for it to look good and pretty. Without it its weird small and saggy.

Plus I have a little fat around my tummy not totally fat lol Im super skinny but I have a bit of fat it isnt perfect like the teen models but Im working on it right now.

What are some swimsuits that would fit it. DO NOT suggest Targets. I hate that store lol.

Im way too old for Limited Too. Remember Im THIRTEEN not ten. I want a padded swimsuit top bikini preferrably that is good for my small chest. Probably around 32A.

Thank you.

Any tips for my tummy would be helpful. My deadline is April and Im currently working on Wii Fit and 2 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar with 8oz water everyday it should work

Dont suggest me any ordinary swimsuit for teens or adults because those do not fit me

Thank you.
Btw I hate tankinis I think theyre kinda ugly
No offense lol
And pricing is an issue for me.

Nothing more than 20 dollars for BOTH top and bottom.

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