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i need help coming up with character names for a story.?

29th March 2011

i need help coming up with character names for a story.?

this mans a evil dictator and he has 2 followers. his muscle and a girl thats walks to vicious dogs around. anyone think of good names for them??
and by muscle i mean his right hand man. the strong guy that no one wants to mess with.
the dictators brother died. when they were teens then he lost his mind and started killing anyone that didnt listen to him. hes the dictator of Los Angles who separated from the US. i want him to have a normal name. but i want everyone to fear it when they hear it.
the muscle is quiet but big and built he does what his boss tells him and doesnt ask questions. and the girl is skinny but strong she cares 2 guns on a belt and walks 2 furious dogs around. she was friends with the dictator and the brother when they were younger. im not good at naming tho. got any ideas bout what i should name all of them?

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27th March 2011

Diet/exercise plan for a 14 year old girl?

So I want to lose some weight maybe like 5 pounds? Im 54 and done growing and weigh somewhere around 120. Im a gymnast so I get a fair amount of exercise in the gym 6 hours a week but thats mostly strength and flexibility for like 20 minutes each. But I want to have a more toned body. I dont eat a ton of junk food but when I eat I eat in huge portions. I want to go on a diet atleast through the rest of the school year and if it works Ill continue with it. I made a new years resolution that on April 1st I would start running with my sister at the track and working out and eating healthy Ive tried to come up with a plan but its really hard to find one thats HEALTHY anyone have any ideas?

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26th March 2011

What should I do about this issue with my boyfriend?

So weve been going out for a year and were long distance. Hes coming April 1st to see me and staying for five days since thats my Easter break from school. I feel like we dont have a very express your feelings relationship. I never tell him Im upset with him or anything if he makes me mad and lately he just ticked me off a bit. Should I wait until after he visits to tell him that what he did isnt right or tell him now. I dont really want to make waves before he comes.

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24th March 2011

Lady Gaga Born This Way Music Video 2011 Lyrics New Song Telephone Monster

Lady Gaga GREATEST LIVE PERFORMANCE Born This Way Music Video 2011 Lyrics New Song Telephone Monster


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23rd March 2011

Top 12 Group Performance – American Idol 2011

Top 12 version of “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf. More amazing live onstage performances from the best Idol season ever!!!


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23rd March 2011

My niece wants a family story idea for barbies?

Well my niece is playing barbies and she wanted to play a little different so she asked me how I used to play I told her my barbie was a CIA agent and a model and a mom all these different things but she said she wanted something realistic her barbies usually are just normally going to school and cooking she has a mom and teenageer barbie she wants an idea to do with them she already had the teen sneek out to see her boyfriend and get in trouble please help so she will STOP BUGGING ME : Help.

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21st March 2011

What about Fergie on idol?

Ok for anybody who watched American Idol tonight on March 17 2011 when the black eyed peas performed Fergie did not look the same. Did she get a nose job or some type of plastic surgery?

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18th March 2011

teens survey …….i anyone else as bored as me?

Teen survey be honest : 😀 😛 3?
1. are you a boy or a girl and what grade you are in or high school/ middle school
2. do you know what 12×11 is with out using a calculator
3. what music do you listen to
4. what would be the first thing you look for in a guy/ girl you may be interested in
5. a language you would want to learn and why
6. a person you want to meet and why
7. a place you want to go and why
8. dream job and why
9. ever considered the military
89. would you die for your best friend?
89z cooler than 10
girl in 9th grade
almost anythingcurrently Katy Perry
eyes then personality
arabic i could totally be a spy if i knew arabic
someone cool
israeli wanna know what it looks like
marine officer
maybe situation wise

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16th March 2011

Top 12 Voting Results – American Idol 2011

This weeks bottom three; Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo and Karen Rodriguez. Unfortunately to find the next American Idol, someone’s idol dream must end…?!! We wish Karen Rodriguez all the best in her quest of Artist success. Follow your dreams? You’ll never know where destiny will guide you?


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16th March 2011

How can I control my super oily skin?

I am a teenager with a healthy diet and I know that acne and oily skin is normal and such but I think that my face is just too oily. Like the amount of oil on my face is comparable to what you get out of Saudi Arabia… My face is nice and smooth and matte only for a few minutes after I was my face. It gets a bit oily throughout my tzone around lunch but by the end of the day my whole face is almost dripping. Ive used so many cleansers like milk of magnesia Clinique acne wash Neutrogena oilcontrol wash Clean and Clear advanced formual treatment AcneFree cleanser YesToTomatoes organic cleanser and others. I usually get things with higher levels of salicylic acid because with benzoyl peroxide my skin gets really irritated. I also always use moisturizer because if I dont my skin becomes really dry and flaky but with a gross layer of oil over it. Anyways Ive also tried many facial primers mattifying gels mattifying powders etc. but they never work either. Is there anything that can help with my oily skin?
I have been to a dermatologist. She told me to use benzoyl peroxide which didnt work at all and said it was probably just genetic…

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