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Beauty Survey for teens?

29th June 2009

Beauty Survey for teens?

About you?

1.Do you have dry/oily/combination/dandruff hair?
2. Do you have dry/oily/combination skin?
3. How old are you?
4. What colour hair do you have?

What do you use?

4.Face Moisturiser
5.Body Moisturiser
6.Face Mask
8.Lip Balm
9.Lip Gloss
15. Toner
16. Shaving Cream
17.Other Make up
18. Other skincare products
19. Other Hair products.
20.Bath Products

If you dont use something you can leave it blank and if you use more than one you can list both please.

Thanks if you were bothered to answer that as its so long

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24th June 2009

for teens who are popular in highschool? i need advice?

please NO HATE ANSWERS or jerky/mean.etc

how did you become popular in highschool did you have to lie about some things or anything?

are you just really social i want to be popular but i dont know how.
i mean i love my friends and all i wouldnt ditch them but im so tired of being unnoticed its like im not good enough for the popular kids like they always have parties and i havent been invited to one of THEIR.
parties and i just wanna fit in for once i really wana have fun with highschool education yes important but also social life.

i know being myself works but not to them i guess what else can i do?

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24th June 2009

What is there to do in Dallas Fort Worth Arlington area of Texas?

well im a teen and i usually come too texas wit my family every summer but this time i came by myself and staying with my auntie she is usually extremely busy with my two lil cousins soo wat is there to do that will be fun for all of us but has to be not to please

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12th June 2009

Why do they always say its hard raising teenage girls?

I am a guy but im sure its real easy to raise teen girls this lady say she has 4 of them and that it is really hard to raise and im pretty sre that females are always good. its the males that get into trouble. Are people just lying about raising girls??

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