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On xmas day i am wearing this sequin zebra print dress what could i wear with it?

20th December 2009

On xmas day i am wearing this sequin zebra print dress what could i wear with it?

thats the dress
it is blue and black sequin zebra print from new look and im wearing leggins but what foorwear? FlatsBoots? UGGS? i want something like that goes up to my knee or a bit shorter like were ugg boots go to


shoes preferbly boots
jacket or light shaul cardigan

please help

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20th December 2009

Lose a dress size or two fast healthy and limited time?

In the past year or two i have put on two dress sizes too scared to weight myself. Im currently a size 14 but would love to get into my siz e 12 clothes as i have loads 10 would be even better as i have clothes still with labels attached.

Anyway i work two jobs. Mon Wed 8am 10pm thurs/ friday 8am 5pm Saturday and Sunday 5pm 10pm so as you can see i dont have lots of free time to do heaps of excercise.

I suffer from asthma too so i can find it quite difficult to do high impact sports/ excercise although my body will start to regulate after a while.

At work i have the options of toaster microwave for meals and kettle. so just looking for anything can people can suggest to lose the weight.

Im quite small 5.1ft so i look round when i have weight on. Would love to feel better about myself by xmas.

i have taebo dvds that i was thinking of doing but not sure.

Any help tips etc is much apprecaited.

im 22 so not some crazy teen wanting to be a size zero.

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