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Do i Have Teen Depression?

31st July 2011

Do i Have Teen Depression?

I know many children talk about how school was their best years well for me it is really bad. My life is crap. i dont even know why i bother living. do poeople just put me down coz of their own problems. i have no idea. knowone sees that im upset but inside im crying. while my school life is not a cherry my home life is not either. My parents do not understand me or even notice me. i try my very hardest to get them to realise how smart i can be but they do not care. this is one of the main reasons i do not try anymore in school. the schools are bringing in new rules and reglations to bullying. but does it help? Does it really stop the people that bully others? knowone has the guts to tell on them. but this bullying is not physical it is verbal. this in a girls point of veiw hurts us much much more. and since this has been happening since i was a little kid i am affected ALOT. well today i have had alot of ideas of sucidal attempts and im drivng myself crazy. maybe i have teen depression?

I have been changed alot lately.

Eating alot more then usual
Not sleeping alot
Feeling down ALL the time.

I wanna know also what i can do to stop this.

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27th July 2011

Best ATT Phone for Teen?

Okay so my little sister just cracked the screen on my iPhone. I have 200 saved from my job to buy a new one but definitely not an iphone I can wait a few years for the newest one its cool.

So Im looking for an ATT phone that has:
Can hold my music
An easy nice interface

Thats pretty much it. Im so busy that it doesnt have to be too fancy. It doesnt even need apps honestly but those would be a nice plus.


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23rd July 2011

How do I keep a conversation with a girl going?

So I want to go to a cafe with a girl I really like. And Im quite scared that I wont be able to keep a conversation going. She likes concerts gymnastics and having fun at parties. Shes studying to help children and teens with a rough background and shes possible moving a little further away during the summer to continue this.

Were getting to know each other better so it shouldnt be all about her. I like art music films and.. Well her

I need help with how I can keep a conversation going as long as possible without changing the subject. I really like her so I want to spend as much time as possible with her. Thanks in advance. :

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17th July 2011

Im a high school student who needs a basic laptop…what do I get?

Okay so I am in high school and this year my school allowed laptops. I want to go electronic next year my senior year and bring my laptop everyday for school assignments but I also want to use it as my own computer so I can stop using the family one.

Right now I would be happy spending less money considering its harder to make as a teen.

I use the Internet Microsoft programs iTunes Skype and thats basically it.


I have over 350 GB of music videos documents etc and my library is always growing so I would prefer either a cheap laptop with 250 GB and then I could buy a cheap external hard drive to keep at home OR I could get an expensive computer with at least 500 GB hard drive.

1314 screen

I want the keyboard to be nice and Id prefer

something that burns CDs and DVDs

has at least 5 hours of battery life per charge I need it to last for the school day

Windows 7 and good wifi connectivity seeing as thats how I will get Internet at home and in school.

Do you have any good ideas for less expensive laptops that have those requirements? Also whats a good memory and processor for me? About how many years would this laptop last before I have to get a new one?

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15th July 2011

TEENS: What should i do? Any ideas?

So i have to do a poster for English and idk what to do….heres what im supposed to do:


Pretend that you are the head of a committee for a community organization. You are in charge of creating a poster to advertise for or explain one of the clubs products services goals or events perhaps a cookbook a book drive a mission statement a recycling plan or an ice cream party. Your poster will be evaluated based on the following guidelines:

Information is presented clearly.
Layout is easily followed and appropriate for content.
Colors textures and fonts are creative but not distracting or excessive.
Elements of visual design are considered.

So i definitely want a music theme but do you have any creative ideas??? THANKS in advance 😀

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10th July 2011

teen survey be honest : :D :P 3?

1. are you a boy or a girl and what grade you are in or high school/ middle school
2. do you know what 12×11 is with out using a calculator
3. what music do you listen to
4. what would be the first thing you look for in a guy/ girl you may be interested in
5. a language you would want to learn and why
6. a person you want to meet and why
7. a place you want to go and why
8. dream job and why
9. ever considered the military
89. would you die for your best friend?
89z cool thats why it goes from 9 to 89
10 just isnt as awesome.

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6th July 2011

Severe acne scars and agoraphobia?

I have been living a reclusive life for almost two decades. Ive never had a job girlfriend or friends in this period. Now im in my early thirties and still living with my parents. Im ashamed of my situation and i want to change.. I dont know if i have agoraphobia cause i have never been diagnosed. I think i have avoidant personality disorder dependent personality disorder agoraphobia and depression. Ive never had panic attacks and im fine with crowds if i dont have to interact with people. I go out a few times a year with a family member and when i do im happy and i dont want to go back home. I cant go out alone because i have absolutely no life experience i dont know anything about the life outside. Im completely dependent on my parents and they are old and when they are gone i will be completely helpless.

I have always had body image problems since teenage years. I was finding imaginary faults with my
looks all the time: i was thin short had a big nose and even my hair color was a problem until i started having severe acne problems which left untreated cause i couldnt go out and see a dermatologist… Eventually i had severe acne scars on my face which completely destroyed my already low self esteem. I think i had body dysmorphic disorder before i had acne problem and having a scarred face is the worst thing that can happen to a person with BDD.

Scars didnt cause me my reclusive life. I had it even before i had acne. I had always been a weak
and sensitive kid and i had been hurt by people and then i started to dislike people and to avoid them. Actually im not interested in what caused all these anymore cause its a waste of time. Im stronger now and feel more confident but still dont feel like going anywhere cause i feel insecure with this disfigured face.

Unfortunately there is no cure for acne scars so i have to accept my scars and try to move on with my life but i dont know where to start. Classic baby steps approach wont work for me because i live in a small town with a population of a few thousand people and every single person in this town knows of me and my pathetic life. Im the weirdo who never goes out. So if i try to step out of the front yard today ill be under spot lights and they will be like wow that freak is finally out.

I want to move out of this place but there is no place i can go and i have no money and a job so i feel
very hopeless. I dont even know if these things i wrote make sense cause English is not my native
tongue… Ok so is there anything i can do to improve my life or am i destined to live this pathetic
life until i die? Thank you.
Sorry for the lines cut in the middle I dont know why it happened i had typed normal :

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2nd July 2011

Is Twisted the last book of the Pretty Little Liars series?

I know Twisted the ninth book of the PLL series will come out on July 5th.
But my friend told me there is going to be like 34 more books after Twisted
Is this true or is Twisted the ninth and final book of the series?
I just saw a summary on the TENTH book of the PLL series called Ruthless
So there is going to be another one apparently after Twisted.
Just curious on how many more.

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