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What is YOUR family doing for Thanksgiving?

24th November 2011

What is YOUR family doing for Thanksgiving?

Me and my family are going to Ryans This will be our third year going. This wayno dishesno messwe can CHOOSE what we wanteat as MUCH as we wantand then we go to walmart and decide what to buy for Black Friday
We then go home and play games/sleep and THEN at about 11 Oclock Thursday night we leave for walmartwe live an hour awaywe then buy what we want and go to Mc.Donalds and eat a very early breakfastwe usually play on the play placemy lil brother and Iand by the time that is done its about 9 Oclock.Last year we went to the animal shelter after all that :and we played with the kittens and adopted two puppies :

Happy Holidays All Best Wishes : : : : :

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