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Turkey Day Is Coming! :)

14th November 2011

Turkey Day Is Coming! :)

Im Excited For Thanksgiving And Black Friday I Hope You Guys Have A Good One :) Music: Pray For Rain-A Loss For Words Honeymoon Eyes-A Loss For Words I do not own the music, its property of its owners


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14th November 2011

Pleez help How do I get this guy to like me?

Last year we became great friends we were flirting with each other But now we have no classes together and I feel like hes the only one who understands me and jokes with me. The main problem is I have moderate acne. Im a teen but not alot of people have it yet. Also I have brces but that doesnt matter. I dont have very big boobs either My hair is curly but i think this guy likes me for who I am. And I do too.

I saw him in the hallway and we talked shyly but I felt very happy after I left. :

Sooooo what should I do?? Please help

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