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Chat Rules

While we try to keep #teenchatz as safe and pleasant as possible, there are a few rules that we ask everyone to follow. Please observe and respect the proceeding rules when chatting in teenchatz. This is common chat etiquettte

Chat Rules at #Teenchatz

1. Foul language is OK UNLESS; it's malicious towards another user, excessive, or an op deems otherwise. If you cuss here and there, that's fine... If every other line you're saying "F*** this, f*** that", that becomes excessive.

2. No flooding If you're typing more than 5 lines of text in 5 seconds, you're flooding.

3. No advertising Email addresses are OK. Advertising your cool chatroom, isn't. Also no web links are allowed. There are too many bad/malicious sites on the Internet for us to filter them, so we're saying no to all websites being advertised.

4. No harassing other users in the main room. If a user isn't bothering you, don't bother them. If you try to talk to someone and they ignore you, then it's probably for a reason. Do not keep bugging them.

5. No cybersex in public. What they do in pm is their business. This isn't a place for horney kids to gather. This is a clean chatroom that is monitored 24x7.

6. No racism/sexism. (Anything that would offend another user, this includes nicks) If you offend anyone with your nick, or the words you choose to use in regards to racism or sexism, this is considered an offense.

7. No clones (1 user per IP) If you need to talk to yourself, write yourself a letter. Do not bring multiple connections in teenchatz. If you do, all of your connections will be disconnected by our staff.

8. No mp3 scripts. There are hundreds of media players on the net. Nobody on IRC cares what you are listening too. Keep it to yourself.

9. No asking for access The quickest way to not get access in teenchatz, is to ask for it. Enough said.

10. No EXCESSIVE caps (3+ lines of caps) If you're too lazy to hit your caps lock, or too rude to hit your caps button and insist on yelling at everyone, then that becomes excessive.

11. Only staff members (VOP AND HIGHER) enforce rules. Rules are subject to change and it might be a while before the website is updated. Therefor staff will be updated with the rules, and other users won't. That's why we ask that only staff members who hold a services level position in the room enforce the rules. If you feel you can enforce the rules, then perhaps you can be considered for a VOP position.

12. Anything an op deems necessary Incase anything was left out at the time of writing these rules, if an OP feels as though you're being disruptive to the chatroom, he or she has the option to remove you or warn you. If you feel as though you've been repremanded in error, please visit the complaint section.

On your first offense, you'll be warned by a staff member. On your second offense, you'll be kicked from an OP. On your third offense, you'll be banned from the chatroom. If you continue to misbehave you'll be placed on our services akick list, which will prevent you from joining the channel for as long as you're on the list.

This rules courtesy of http://www.teenchatz.info

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